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PAZ Field Force
Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages

“The quality of the decision is on a totally different scale with Mobideo. Now when I come to the daily meeting, I already know the situation, I’ve seen it online, and the time is devoted to solving the problems, not understanding the picture, the picture is known.”

Mr. Malachi Alper
CEO, Paz Ashdod Oil Refinery, Israel

Sharon Sher RADWIN
Installation, Commissioning & Startup

“Mobideo tool is not a “nice to have” for this operation. it’s a critical and essential component in the ecosystem.”

Mr. Sharon Sher
CEO & Founder, RADWIN

Dror Katz SAP
Supply Chain Management

“Our systems are based on Oracle, and extended by SAP and Mobideo to achieve the absolutely optimal results possible in our industry….those systems operate at the speed  of light, in real time… this is critical…”

Mr. Dror Katz
CEO & Cofounder, Katz Delivery

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