Digital Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages (STO)

Transform STO Performance:

  • Real-time visibility for better decisions, faster
  • Automated craft handover process
  • Manage discoveries and growths

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Mobideo for STO

Industrial Workforce Management

on time and on budget STOs

Gain Real-time Visibility

Get the truth faster.
Live Activity View displays the
real-time status of work packages.

Improve Craft Handover

Keep workforces moving
with automated notifications
and digital workflows.

Manage Discoveries & Delays

Make decisions and prioritize
scope change quickly
with real-time visibility.

Right Information, Right Time

Equip workforce with
the information they need
to be effective and safe.

Automate Reporting

Update systems of record and
automate closeout reports with
digital forms, checklists, procedures and workflows.

Analytics for Transformation

Leverage real activity data
to drive process improvements.

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One solution for total optimization

Connected Worker

Task Execution

•  Access all procedures & data
•  Capture field data
•  Validate compliance
•  Eliminate paper
•  Automatic closeout reports
•  Improve collaboration

Connected Manager™

Coordinate & Optimize

• Real-time status with digital wall charts
• Manage discoveries and scope growth
• Optimize resource execution
• Ensure compliance
• Manage KPIs

Digital Transformation

Operational Excellence

• Capture actual data
• Measure and analyze KPIs for improved planning
• Enhanced contractor performance management
• Identify reoccurring trouble points
• Support TA lessons learned analysis

Digitalize your turnaround in

3 easy steps and just 21 days

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