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& Construction (EPC)
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Your most complex projects optimized, streamlined, on time and on budget

Mobideo for EPC puts project managers in full control of all their processes, coordinating and optimizing construction trades at every stage; from engineering design to project execution and deployment. Workers are on-task, fully informed and more efficient and productive than ever before.


Rapid<br> turnaround
Faster<br> reaction<br> time
Higher work <br> execution quality<br> & accuracy
Higher work
execution quality
& accuracy
Increased safety <br> & lower risk
Increased safety
& lower risk
Real time <br> trouble-shooting
Real time
Increased <br> asset uptime
asset uptime
Reduced <br>resources/ <br>costs
Improved <br>subcontractor <br>management
Documented <br>work execution
work execution
Full <br>regulatory<br> compliance

Complete Optimization

Complete Optimization

Connected Worker: Equipped with the right information

  • Access all data
    All the information your field force need, on site, on demand (documents, enterprise data, schedule, etc.).
  • Validate compliance
    Precise task execution in full compliance with your processes and best-practice.
  • Capture field data
    Step-by-step process execution with field data capture (time stamps, location tags, signatures, pictures, etc.), digital audit trail. No paperwork.
  • Interact with peers
    Real time communication with extended team and supervisors.
  • Personalize interfaces
    Customized view by language, activity, role and skills.
  • Adaptive and agnostic
    Online or offline with sync and on all mobile platforms.

Connected Manager: Improved visibility for better decisions, faster

  • Monitor field force
    Real time, 360° view of field execution to dramatically improve situational awareness.
  • Event-driven reporting
    Critical path bottleneck alerts, increased focus on high-impact events, reduced ‘noise’.
  • Decision support system
    Aggregated, consolidated, analyzed information for data-centric decision making.
  • Optimize field execution
    Real time events and work plans, modifiable priorities, efficient resource allocation.
  • Deploy corrective actions
    Rapid response and resolution of events by deploying the necessary corrective actions.
  • Personalize dashboards, and data analytics
    Customized portal by application, role, responsibility. Personalized KPI monitoring and tracking.

Digital Transformation: Driving operational excellence and continuous process improvements

  • Capture performance data
    Systematic feed of Six Sigma and LEAN manufacturing data and measurements.
  • Measure and analyze KPIs
    Data analytics to capture, measure and analyze real data and track key performance indicators.
  • Record and leverage best practices
    Identification and capture of best processes and “tribal knowledge”.
  • Re-engineer processes
    Identify process improvement opportunities, on-the-fly cross-organizational insights.
  • Distribute know-how
    Know-how transfer and roll-out across regions, roles and functions.
  • Support ‘change management’
    Change management initiatives, after-the-fact analysis, performance management.
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