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25 April 2019

Exception Based Surveillance: It’s Not Just About Sensors

In the November 2018 edition of Hess senior vice president of production, Mike Turner, walks through this successful digital transformation of their Exception Based Surveillance (EBS) program which leveraged many digital technologies.

Read the Full Article on Hess’s EBS Digitalization Project Here: E&P Magazine – November 2018 Issue

Where most components of EBS systems focus on machines, sensors, and data, Mobideo focuses on how that information can help the people and the execution of work processes. Read more about how Mobideo was able to connect the worker to Hess’s EBS project in North Dakota below.

Mobideo Case Study

The Challenge

Prior to the oil price crash to under $30/barrel in January 2016, oil companies, such as Hess, had an abundance of resources, including maintenance organizations, with a large number of field technicians visiting rigs to inspect, maintain and repair equipment. This newer, more competitive onshore oilfield environment calls for a digital solution to effectively manage scarce resources, such as skilled labor, tools and parts, for the geographically dispersed assets.

Hess’s goal was to be able to respond to asset service issues with fewer resources while tracking service cycle times to provide management with a real-time view of effectiveness. It was important to have a confluent technology that was easy to use in the field.

The Solution

Mobideo’s digital Exception Based Surveillance (EBS) solution for Hess

  • Captures signals from oil well sensors and manages task dispatch and escalation to operators, technicians, and engineers
  • Provides a custom mobile application for field service personnel to capture data, follow procedures, and communicate with managers
  • Dramatically simplified user experience
  • Provides management real-time visibility into field operations via custom dashboards and analytics
  • Decision support system to complex workflows including approvals and task hand over between teams
  • Integrates into Hess’s existing infrastructure for exception signaling and work order management
  • Detailed analytics for continues process improvement and operational excellence

The Mobideo digital EBS solution integrates with OSIsoft IoT platform that captures signals from sensors on oil wells and generates alarms when exception events occur, triggering alarms and dispatches operators, technicians, and engineers in response to equipment failures, managing escalation logic and task dispatch to mobile devices.  Users in the field can add comments, upload reports and select an escalation path.

The solution is also integrated with SAP for work order tracking and management.

The Results

Mobideo allows Hess to concentrate on the highest value tasks and removes unnecessary data entry, which maximizes scarce resources in the strained O&G economy. By reducing the number of field personnel necessary to operate, Hess was able to see benefits with:

  • Increased safety
  • Reduced field operations costs
  • Improved management visibility
  • Increased production of oil wells
  • Ensured compliance with processes and best practices
  • Elimination of data input errors
  • Increased asset up time

The Hess EBS solution is a good example of IT/OT convergence. Alarms from equipment in the field trigger maintenance activity with full integration to enterprise IT systems for work order tracking and analytics.

The Company

Hess Corporation is a leading global independent energy company engaged in the exploration and production of crude oil and natural gas. More information on Hess Corporation is available at

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