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solution target

Improved quality and safety, increased compliance, more efficient manufacturing, better business results

Mobideo provides life-science companies with regulatory-compliant solutions to fill the gap in manufacturing execution. Eliminating delays caused by safety and compliance activities, Mobideo offers full real-time visibility into the step-by-step actions of manufacturing and compliance workers. Identifying and preventing mistakes, improving workforce competency and increasing productivity, Mobideo ensures full compliance with strict regulations and GMP best practices.

Product Capabilities

Rapid turnaround <br>and fast <br>deployment times
Rapid turnaround
and fast
deployment times
Optimal planning <br>for maintenance <br>workforce and procedures
Optimal planning
for maintenance
workforce and procedures
Real-time field<br> force monitoring <br>and status
Real-time field
force monitoring
and status
Up-to-date technical <br>documentation across <br>multiple sites
Up-to-date technical
documentation across
multiple sites
Real-time <br>trouble-shooting
Alerts on incidents <br>and mishaps
Alerts on incidents
and mishaps
Regulatory<br> compliance
Learning-based <br>system to enable <br>best practices
system to enable
best practices
Full integration with<br> all MRO, ERP and <br>other support <br>systems
Full integration with
all MRO, ERP and
other support
Event driven <br>reporting and <br>predicative <br>analytics
Event driven
reporting and

...Across the entire asset lifecycle

<p>Engineering, Procurement & Construction</p>

Engineering, Procurement & Construction

<p>Maintenance, Repair &<br />

Maintenance, Repair &

<p>Installation, Commissioning<br />
& Startup</p>

Installation, Commissioning
& Startup

<p>Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages</p>

Shutdowns, Turnarounds & Outages

<p>Upgrades &<br />

Upgrades &

<p>Decommissioning & Recycling</p>

Decommissioning & Recycling

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