Solutions Maintenance,
Repair & Overhaul (MRO)
solution target

All your field force tasks digitized, prioritized and seamlessly synchronized

Mobideo for MRO provides managers with 360-degree field force visibility allowing for more hands-on operational control with significantly lower risks and asset downtime. As the field force receives all the information it needs on-site, on-demand, maintenance work is carried out quickly, efficiently and accurately in keeping with company best practices.


Rapid<br> turnaround
Faster<br> reaction<br> time
Higher work <br> execution quality<br> & accuracy
Higher work
execution quality
& accuracy
Increased safety <br> & lower risk
Increased safety
& lower risk
Real time <br> trouble-shooting
Real time
Increased <br> asset uptime
asset uptime
Reduced <br>resources/ <br>costs
Improved <br>subcontractor <br>management
Documented <br>work execution
work execution
Full <br>regulatory<br> compliance

Complete Optimization

Complete Optimization

Connected Worker: Equipped with the right information

  • Access all data
    All the information your field force need, on site, on demand (documents, enterprise data, schedule, etc.).
  • Validate compliance
    Precise task execution in full compliance with your processes and best-practice.
  • Capture field data
    Step-by-step process execution with field data capture (time stamps, location tags, signatures, pictures, etc.), digital audit trail. No paperwork.
  • Interact with peers
    Real time communication with extended team and supervisors.
  • Personalize interfaces
    Customized view by language, activity, role and skills.
  • Adaptive and agnostic
    Online or offline with sync and on all mobile platforms.

Connected Manager: Improved visibility for better decisions, faster

  • Monitor field force
    Real time, 360° view of field execution to dramatically improve situational awareness.
  • Event-driven reporting
    Critical path bottleneck alerts, increased focus on high-impact events, reduced ‘noise’.
  • Decision Support System
    Aggregated, consolidated, analyzed information for data-centric decision making.
  • Optimize field execution
    Real time events and work plans, modifiable priorities, efficient resource allocation.
  • Deploy corrective actions
    Rapid response and resolution of events by deploying the necessary corrective actions.
  • Personalize dashboards, and data analytics
    Customized portal by application, role, responsibility. Personalized KPI monitoring and tracking.

Digital Transformation: Driving operational excellence and continuous process improvements

  • Capture performance data
    Systematic feed of Six Sigma and LEAN manufacturing data and measurements.
  • Measure and analyze KPIs
    Data analytics to capture, measure and analyze real data and track key performance indicators.
  • Record and leverage best practices
    Identification and capture of best processes and “tribal knowledge”.
  • Re-engineer processes
    Identify process improvement opportunities, on-the-fly cross-organizational insights.
  • Distribute know-how
    Know-how transfer and roll-out across regions, roles and functions.
  • Support ‘change management’
    Change management initiatives, after-the-fact analysis, performance management.
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